Intrinsic Strategy is one year old

The strategy consultancy known as Intrinsic Strategy is, as of this month, a healthy one year old. (If you include its continuous Catalano Consulting predecessor, it cannot quite yet raise a toast to itself as they are now a consecutive, combined 17 years old. But it can attend a film with strong language.)

The year’s been busy for me. Kindly invited to speak or moderate at events of the Washington Technology Industry Association, Washington Technology Center, Software and Information Industry Association, Association of Educational Publishers and Bellevue Chamber of Commerce. Dove back into commentary and analysis as a guest contributor to TechFlash. And, of course, solidly doing marketing and business strategy consulting for technology-related companies in education, consumer and other markets.

I’ll shortly be taking my “Marketing Myths in a Down Economy” talk delivered to the Bellevue Chamber last week and reworking its advice as blog posts over the next several weeks. So the fun — and, I hope, useful information — is just beginning.