Edublogs worth reading — and nominating

In my work as an industry consultant and analyst in education technology and digital learning, I read. A lot. And there are some invaluable web resources on which I rely so much that I’d like to nominate them for the Edublog Awards — and share them with you.

  • EdSurge is a relative newcomer:  a smart, sassy (is that even said anymore?), yet serious e-newsletter and site that covers all things transformative edtech with an emphasis on startup and non-profit activity and resources. If you aren’t reading co-founder Betsy Corcoran’s weekly dispatch, you’re not living on the edu-edge. For the Edublog Awards I nominate EdSurge ( for best ed tech / resource sharing blog.
  • Hack Education is a labor of  love and journalism by independent edtech journalist Audrey Watters, who also writes for several sites. Watters follows a journalism tradition I admire — no cows are sacred, and no prisoners are taken. She’s also one of the few edtech journalists who thinks beyond straight reporting.  For the Edublog Awards I nominate Hack Education ( for best individual blog.
  • MindShift focuses on a critically important part of edtech — the impact of change on parents and the educational community as a whole. Hosted by San Francisco public broadcaster KQED and ably and actively guided by Tina Barseghian, MindShift features a broad array of thoughtful voices on the future of learning. For the Edublog Awards, I nominate MindShift ( for best group blog.

If you’re so inspired, please feel free to echo these nominations by following the process on the Edublog, er, blog.  And even if you aren’t, I hope you’ll enjoy the good work of those I chose to nominate.