When eBooks attack, mass paperbacks die

No Frills BookThe Kindle Fire is this holiday season’s bright shiny object. But while the gadget blogs egg on a Fire-iPad death match, less noticed is what recent price cuts for the most basic, E Ink-reliant Kindle — and Barnes and Noble’s Nook — have done to mass market paperbacks.

They are about to deliver the finishing move.

 Over at GeekWire, I look at the impending death of the mass market paperback book occuring in the shadows of the brightly lit tablet wars in my column, “When eBooks attack, mass paperbacks die.”

It has a bit of a personal impact, too, as my book collection is full of autographed mass market paperbacks from writers I admire, from a time when paperback was frequently the only first edition to which a genre fiction author could aspire.

And astute GeekWire readers will note my column has retired the “Practical Nerd” title. Though it’s safe to say the practical, nerdy approach remains.