2012 edtech trends, insider edition

As another year comes to an end, there is no shortage of pundits or promoters trotting out both thoughtful and tired “top ten” lists of what’s hot in education technology and digital learning.MindShift logo

So, of course, I felt I had to add my own over at the NPR/KQED education site MindShift. (But I felt no compulsion to go to ten, as I have no need to further demonstrate my counting skills.)

My take might be a little bit different as these five trends are culled from my first-hand observations at a half-dozen industry conferences this year. As a result, they include MOOCs, mobile, money, malls and … paper.

What didn’t I include?

The winner of 2012’s don’t-ask-a-question-you-don’t-want-answered award. It goes to one poor speaker at the EdNET conference.

From the lectern she asked, “What’s a two billion dollar industry that attracts millions of students a year?” There was a pause, and then a lone voice from the back of room called out, “Pornography!” The speaker, horrified, quickly said, “Oh my god! No! It’s online learning!”

For the rest, read “2012 edtech trends: insights from insiders” at MindShift.