Technology and education have their share of industry conferences (see this EdSurge “field guide” to some of edtech’s most prominent).

FrankBWSXSWeduIn the normal course of a year, you’ll find Frank Catalano attending several — often to speak about trends in tech or edtech, or to provide lively moderation of a PowerPoint-free session, but always to learn.

In addition to speaking at industry gatherings, Frank has keynoted corporate large-group (such as Blackboard Transact’s annual conference) or small-group (such as Acer America’s Education Advisory Council) events with thoughtful, well-researched and engaging custom talks.

In the last couple of years, Frank spoke at:

A sampling of Frank’s earlier industry speaking engagements:

  • Moderator and speaker at ATP’s 2014 Innovations in Testing conference in Scottsdale, AZ, about how digital credentials are evolving education and workforce environments (audio).
  • Host of the Software and Information Industry Association’s annual education division CODiE Awards in San Francisco from 2010 to 2014 (2014 video).
  • Keynote participant for the Association of American Publishers preK-12 Learning Group’s 2014 Content in Context conference in Washington, D.C., on open educational resources (audio).
  • Panelist at EdNET from 2012 to 2014 as part of the closing Catbird Seat analyst session (2014 video).
  • Speaker at the 2013 conferences of the American Board of Nursing Specialties and Institute for Credentialing Excellence on digital credentials.
  • Moderator of the 2013 Content in Context conference closing session, “Remaking the Page in the New-Media Age.”
  • Moderator at SXSWedu 2013 of “From Legacy to Uncertainty: the Digital Future of the Major ‘Textbook’ Publishers.”
  • Speaker at the Software and Information Industry Association’s 2012 Ed Tech Industry Summit on edtech myths.
  • Keynote for the Education Industry Association 2011 EDVentures conference on marketing in a downturn.
  • Speaker and moderator for MIT Enterprise Forum’s Obstacles and Opportunities for Entrepreneurs in Education.

Examples of Frank’s recent corporate event speaking:

  • Acer Education Advisory Council 2014 meeting in San Jose, CA, on how data in education have moved from being isolated, to connected, to active.
  • Morning keynote for the BbWorld Transact 2012 conference on five overarching K-20 trends to watch in education technology.

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