Moderating AEP’s future learning platforms

Pop quiz: Blogs. Kindles. Smartphones. Hardbound paper textbooks. Pick the one traditional educational publishers fear the least.

At next month’s Association of Educational Publishers Summit in Washington, D.C., I’ll be calling on my tech background to moderate the closing keynote session, “Learning Platforms for the 21st Century and Beyond.” This PowerPoint-free 90 minutes will include Laura Porco of Amazon’s Kindle book division, Jeff Keltner of Google’s application division and Michael Riordan of the Open Publishing Lab at Rochester Institute of Technology.

The panelists will address, at the outset, why learners need new platforms, and there will likely also be brief demos. The objective? Helping education publishers understand the landscape of technology-based learning platforms and how to successfully make the transition in terms of tools, content, business models and even the approach to how what they create is used.

Should be a fun June 12th, town-hall style discussion. I plan a no-nonsense, no-more-tears approach.