AEP future learning platforms podcast

Interested in what, Google and Rochester Institute of Technology’s Open Publishing Lab think about the future of learning platforms for students and teachers? The Association of Educational Publishers has posted a podcast (or an “audiocast,” since there’s no subscription) to the AEP Summit general session I moderated in June, “Learning Platforms for the 21st Century and Beyond.”

In it, Jeff Keltner of Google (responsible for Google Apps in the education market), Laura Porco of (director of Kindle Books), and Michael Riordin of the Rochester Institute of Technology (co-director of the Open Publishing Lab) discuss and debate what technologies and platforms education companies need to consider now.

After all, anyone who is 32 years old or younger — student, teacher, or administrator — has never known life without the relatively inexpensive, mass-produced personal computer.  The Apple II was released in 1977, and the original IBM PC in 1981. Even the Web browser is Sweet Sixteen.

This panel was PowerPoint-free, so it’s 1:16 of pure discussion. Download the audiocast as an MP3 file, and check out a session description and bios of the panelists. An official summary was added later at the AEP blog. You’ll also find audiocasts and presentation files for other sessions of interest at what was, overall, a great AEP Summit. A once-live Twitter stream @FrankCatalano (#AEP09 or #AEP) is here. (Note: As of January 2018, all links to the AEP materials unfortunately no longer work and have been removed.)