Life’s a pitch: Why startups do competitions

Startup pitch fests (or, more properly, pitch competitions), seem nearly ubiquitous. Not just in education technology, where I spend most of my time. They’re across all kinds of technology entrepreneurship. But there’s a reason startups put up with them — and it’s not just publicity.

Earlier I focused on seven tips experienced coaches offered edtech companies to hone their pitches at the entrepreneur- and startup-focused SXSW V2V conference, tips that could apply to any technology (not just education tech) startup.

TipbitTweetNow I’ve bookended that EdSurge piece with a column for GeekWire. I focus on four Seattle-area startups (in three different categories) to determine why they spend so much effort in the time suck and pressure cooker that is the modern-day pitch competition.

Turns out what happens on stage? It’s only the tip of an iceberg of reasons.

Read, “Life’s a pitch: The other reasons startups do competitions,” over at GeekWire.