10 work/life lessons learned at 60

Okay, I could pretend my birthday didn’t exist. Or use a neat math dodge and switch from counting years in base 10, our usual decimal system, to base 12. That literally would make 60 the new 50.

But there’s no avoiding chronology. I’m 60. And to mark the occasion, I shared some lessons I’ve learned about business and personal life on Twitter on September 9.

I hadn’t planned on sharing the ten tweets beyond Twitter, but the response was pretty surprising, so I also pointed to them on Facebook and LinkedIn. As someone noted, the lessons were more about work/life balance than strict business or personal advice.

I share them here, in the hopes they might be useful. Or mildly amusing.

And if you say, “Hey, there are only 9 explicit tips, not 10 as promised in the headline!” there is one implicit in the first tweet. That admitting you are 60 publicly may feel good, but it’ll likely turn off recruiters. I’m okay with that.