Frank Catalano is a professional author, lively speaker and veteran education technology industry executive and consultant. He’s known as strategic, creative and hands-on.

Frank Catalano photo (photo by Eugene Hsu)
Frank Catalano

Through his Intrinsic Strategy consultancy, Frank completed interim executive or project work for organizations such as MetaMetrics, ACT, McGraw-Hill, College Guidance Network and more. Frank has also been a senior executive for ParentSquare, Pearson, SchoolMessenger (West Corporation’s Education group) and ProExam, among others.

He currently writes the weekly Business Matters and the ongoing Places & Things columns for Cascadia Daily News in northwest Washington state. He also recently explored three key edtech industry trends over three decades in Tech & Learning.

As a previous long-time, regular contributor to the tech news site GeekWire and the education technology resource site EdSurge, Frank has written about the impacts of technology and edtech, the digital intersection of media and tech, and has hosted a podcast series on pop culture, science fiction and the arts.

Frank Catalano also has been a frequent public speaker with an engaging, witty and thoughtful style. Together with Tony Wan, from 2020 to 2022 Frank maintained a list of education industry & association events on the US Edtech Industry Conferences calendar.

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