Frank Catalano

Frank Catalano is a veteran edtech industry consultant and executive, professional author, and lively speaker. He’s also a hands-on advisor for companies applying digital technology in new ways.

(photo by Eugene Hsu @HEUGE)
(photo by Eugene Hsu @HEUGE)

Currently, Frank is the director of EdSurge Intelligence, a new membership service from EdSurge providing real-time market intelligence on companies, product categories and emerging trends from early childhood through adult learning. Through his Intrinsic Strategy consultancy, he has also done interim executive or project work for companies such as MetaMetrics, ACT, Pearson, and more.

Frank has been a senior executive for Pearson Education, West Corporation’s Education group (SchoolMessenger solutions), and Professional Examination Service, among others.

As a contributor to the tech news site GeekWire and the education technology resource site EdSurge, Frank has written about edtech, the digital intersection of media and tech, and other topics.  He’s also hosted a special GeekWire podcast series on pop culture, science fiction and the arts.

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Selections of Frank Catalano’s writing on technology and related topics include:

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Frank Catalano is a frequent public speaker, known for his engaging, witty and thoughtful style. Recent public talks include:

Frank serves on ACTNext‘s Advisory Board. He also served on the Advisory Board of SXSWedu from 2012 to 2016 and was on the Advisory Board for the inaugural SXSWV2V.

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