Cleansing the mental palate with GeekWire

Today marks my final day as interim deputy editor at GeekWire, building on my contributing writer role. The past four months filling in helped me get a better understanding of my journalism skill set years after I’d last been in a newsroom full time, explore topics in tech I likely never would have otherwise pursued, and work with a very collaborative team of smart journalists of all ages and experience levels.

At the same time, I’ve neatly wrapped up my regular GeekWire Media/Tech column and arts/pop culture podcast. Both had satisfying runs.

But the most satisfying? Being honored once with a Sallie Award, an internal recognition that GeekWire provides one staff member each week. (I got it that week for my behind-the-scenes work.)

It’s been an intense four months. Mentally palate-cleansing. And I’m looking forward to what 2019 brings, whether in education, technology, consulting, or something completely new.

This post originally appeared on LinkedIn.